Pumpkin Update: What’s that?


I thought you might appreciate this. I took Pumpkin out this morning to use the bathroom. She always pees in about 10 seconds but then has to walk around a bit before she’s ready to poop. Well she settled in to do her business and I waited patiently. Except I suddenly noticed something really off about her poop. There was something white in it and a good bit of something white! I thought “what in the world is that?”. Well, you see Pumpkin has taken to ripping the head and arms off her stuffed animals. You guessed it. She was literally pooping out the stuffing from a teddy bear! Needless to say, I had a good laugh and decided she needed some tougher toys asap!


Pumpkin Update: Pins are coming out!

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We took Pumpkin to the vet yesterday and her legs look great! Her pins are ready to come out. I’ll take her to Tupelo Tuesday to get her pins out. I’m attaching pictures of her X-rays and of her in the snow!

Pumpkin Update: Big milestones


I wanted to give you a quick update on Pumpkin. She has put on a fair amount of much needed weight, about 6-7 pounds. You can barely see her ribs! Also, she put weight on her back leg tonight for the first time since we’ve had her. This was obviously awesome to see.

What’s next: Pumpkin will have X-rays the week after Christmas. If all looks good, she’ll have her pins out after the 1st in Tupelo!!! Thank you again for all your support!

Pumpkin Update: Stitches are out!


Today I made a trip to the vet to have my stitches taken out. I was really, really brave and I only cried a couple of times! I get to go back to the vet in about a week to get some more fancy pictures done.

I’m a super sweet dog and very patient. Although, due to my not being able to have a bath, I don’t smell to hot. I sure you won’t hold it against me though!

Pumpkin Update: Trip to the vet

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This morning while I was giving Pumpkin a little cleaning, I noticed a little piece of the metal pin in her leg sticking out. We called the vet who said to bring her in. A set of X-rays showed that it was nothing to worry about. Whew! We’ll take her back to the vet this week for a check on her stitches and I’ll see if I can get you a picture of her X-rays!

Pumpkin Update: coming along

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Pumpkin had a big night tonight. She
Met our two chihuahuas and boy did she want to play! They wouldn’t get too close but we’ll keep getting to know each other. I also thought you might enjoy a video of Pumpkin!

Pumpkin Update: Feeling better


Pumpkin is doing much better. She does have an infection in her leg but nothing a strong antibiotic can’t handle. She’s also eating like a pig again which is great to see!

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