Pumpkin Update: Not a great day


Pumpkin got to meet some visitors today (Pierce & company from Intermark) and was seemingly doing well except that she wasn’t eating or drinking much. She also seemed a bit too docile. I think we may have discovered that she is getting a little infection. We’ll be calling the vet in the morning and I’m expected a quick trip to get her checked out. The good news is that I think we’ve caught it early and she should be just fine!

Pumpkin's legPumpkin in the cage


Pumpkin Update: Little bunny rabit!


Pumpkin is doing well! She’s literally stronger by the day. Tail is wagging and lots of kisses are happening! When we carry her out to the bathroom, she wants to run (which is bad). She ends up hopping a few steps before we can stop her. Hopefully I’ll take a short video tomorrow.

On tap this week is introducing her to our two dogs. That should be interesting! Also, she may be able to have her sutures removed Friday. That would be a huge step forward. Keep following for more Pumpkin news!

Pumpkin Update: Resting comfortably

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I’m resting comfortably now at Sparkbox. I had a great day today and got to meet a lot of new friends! I’ll send some pictures later.



Pumpkin Update: THANK YOU!


Pumpkin the dog is here in Birmingham and doing really well. Unfortunately she will be confined to a crate for a few months until her legs are fully healed but she’s well on her way back to full health. She will be with me (Brian) at Sparkbox most days for the next few months so she’d love to meet you if you want to stop by.

On another note, Amy and I want to express our deepest THANK YOU to everybody who has donated (over 60 people) and to everybody who has spread the word! When we found Pumpkin, I was extremely hurt and disappointed that so many people drove by her and did nothing. They literally left her to die! I was hurt and I was mad! But so many people have supported this cause, that it has truly uplifted Amy and I, and it’s been SO GRATIFYING to see so many people help and care! I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart! I wish I could say thank you face to face to every single person.

Where do we go from here? Well, Pumpkin still has a few tough months ahead of her. Amy and I will be nursing her back to health. There are at least three vet visits in her future and at least one more trip to Tupelo. She should have her sutures removed in 10 days, X-rays taken in 30 days, and pins removed (maybe) in 60 days.

What do we need now? Absolutely nothing!!! We have raised all the money we need to get her proper care! We also have 3 strong candidates for future families for her. Now, it’s possible that she’ll need a follow up surgery if things don’t go well and that might change things, but at this point, we have everything we need. Unless you wish to send Iron Bowl tickets ­čśë

Keep following this blog for updates of her progress. I’ll blog each day for the next week or so. After that, we will probably blog once or twice a week to tell you how she’s doing!


Brian, Amy, & Pumpkin

Pumpkin at homeFront legIn the carbare but

Pumpkin is coming home

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I’m coming home. Brian is picking me up right! Thank you to everyone for helping me.

Pumpkin Update

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On the way to pickup Pumpkin in Tupelo! Pics are soon to follow!

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