The purpose of this blog is too keep people in the loop and ask for your help. The good news is that things are looking good for Pumpkin. Yes, we decided to name him Pumpkin due to the fact that we found him the day before Halloween! The vet believes that he does not have internal injuries. While we aren’t out of the woods just yet, things are looking good.

The vet in Tupelo will examine him in the morning and decide if he needs surgery on either or both of his paws. They will also treat him for the worms. I will drive back to Tupelo some time this week to pick him up once he’s ready. Then Amy and I will nurse him back to health. Once he’s healthy, Amy and I will look to find him a good home. With two small dogs, a cat, and hopefully children someday soon, we think that would be best for him.

What are we asking of you? Any of the following

  • A small donation to cover medical costs
  • A good home (once he’s healthy)
  • Help spreading the word

We know he’s only one dog, but we just couldn’t let him die. Your help in any way is more appreciated than I know how to express!